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Report from the Final – GP Poland – Warsaw 2019 – by Lukasz Ho Thanh

46 players from Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Belgium, France, Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia attended GP Warsaw.

The finalists (and their decks): Radek Wróblewski (Grinder), current European champion Ivan Chebunin (Tremere Wall), Bartek Wróblewski (Tremer Wall), Michał Kaszubowski (Girlz), Łukasz Ho Thanh (Harbringers).

Seating began with Grinder and Harbringers. They were separated by Girlz. Ivan chose Harbringers as his prey, Bartek became the predator of Ivan. So the seating was as follows: Lukasz (Harbringers Legionnaire) => Michal (Girlz) => Radek (Grinder) => Bartosz (Tremere Wall) => Ivan (Tremere Wall)

Harbringers started the game. The first turns looked quite friendly: Grinder and the two Tremere Walls let each other play Govern the Unaligned at superior. Harbringers put The Rack on Veejay Vinod with Vessel, which let them bloat their pool from the very start of the game.

Considering a huge bloating capability of the Girlz deck Lukasz made the first deal with Ivan – he could equip with Ivory Bow, but wouldn’t use it against Ivan. As Michal played Ashurs and Liquidations his pool was barely decreased. The second turn was the beginning of a contest (the first of many in this game) – Powerbase Montreal was played by both Radek and Bartek.

Ivan equips Troius with Heart of Nizchetus with no blocks from Harbringers, but he allows Lukasz to put the first Legionnaire in play. Next turn Bartek also equips with Heart (using Magic of the Smith) so the second contest begins.

Cybele bleeds the Grinder only to be sent forward to Bartek, then to Ivan. Because of this Ivan’s pool at one point shrinks to 5-6. He decides to go all or nothing and contests Carna, the Princess Witch. Next Cybele bleed eventually bounced to Ivan – no wake cards, only 3 pool left! Seeing this Radek doesn’t bleed and waits.

Two vampires of Bartek have clear way to bleed. One bleeds for two, leaving Ivan at 1 pool… At this point Lukasz proposes rescuing Ivan in exchange for ending the deal about Ivory Bow not used against him – Ivan agrees. Harbringers play wake and eagle sight. Michal plays Direct Intervention to cancel the last card. Lukasz draws another… second eagle sight! Another Harbinger blocks Bartek’s bleed. Ivan and his Tremeres are saved.

Contesting Carna and Heart of Nizchetus led to Bartek having only two vampires and a hand full of master cards (we learned that after the tournament). His predator has 4 vampires in the ready region and starts to bleed. Bartek’s pool shrinks from 15 to 1-3 and now he needs help. Ivan decides to make a deal – blocking the bleed with Eagle Sight for yielding Carna contest – Bartek agrees, which lets him live to see another turn. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stop the Grinder – Radek gets his first point.

Meanwhile, Harbringers are continuing to grow. Lukasz is blocking Girlz’s actions and already has 5 legionnaires on the table. After Radek getting his first point the situation changes: Radek decides to put another vampire in play and Ivan focuses on defense and pool generation (Vessel, Blood Doll, Arcane Library).

Harbringers take the initiative. With 3 vampires and 5 legionnaires Lukasz starts bleeding Girlz. Michal’s pool goes from 27 to 10, and he decides to defend himself. Using Aksinya Daclau’s special ability, each turn he bounces one legionnaire to Radek, who kills them using Weighted Walking Sticks.

Lukasz decides to change his strategy – he doesn’t bleed with legionnaires and starts putting more in play, hoping for one final rush at the end.

The last 10 minutes are the most exciting. Lukasz has 8 minions and 8 pool; Ivan decides to try to win the game – he tries to play Ancilla Empowerment, which would grant him victory in the final. However, Harbringers manage to block this action.

4 minutes till the end. Lukasz has 13 minions on the table, puts Pentex on one of Michal’s vampires. The final swarm bleed of the legionnaires begins, 10 pool to go through… and that’s where magic happened: Aksinya Daclau played 4 Majesty in a row! Michal successfully defends himself, staying at 2 pool. Legionnaires are one turn short of victory. Radek wins the table and the final.

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