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New starters are coming!

BCP has really suprised us with new announcement that the new Sabbat starters are gonna speed up and we can see them at the end of January!

This is great news both for the “old” and the newones players from all over the world.

What we knew about this new starters?

They’re prepared by Ben Peal & Mike Nudd (similar team who brought Heirs to the Blood starters) so we knew that the starters gonna be full playable and packed with some great cards.

Each of them is build on different theme – Lasombra/stealth/voter; Tzimisce combat/block; Toreador breeder/PallaGrande and Tremere is based on Nephandus/ally theme.

Furthermore   BCP showed us new Lasombra starter (“Parliament of Shadows”) and it’s great/ready to play and packed with many good and useful cards (Villeins, Deflections and Jake Washington)

Now, we have to wait but year 2019  gonna be the VtES year!

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