New Blood: Gangrel


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New Blood: Gangrel

Crypt (6 cards)
1x Keegan (NEW) 8 ANI FOR PRO aus cel obf Gangrel:6
1x Ragnar Nordstrom (NEW) 8 ANI FOR PRO cel pot Gangrel:6
1x Massimiliano 7 ANI FOR pro baron Gangrel:6
1x Casey Snyder 6 PRO ani cel for baron Gangrel:6
1x Kuyén 6 ANI PRO baron Gangrel:6
1x Hanna Nokelainen 4 ani for pro Gangrel:6

Library (48 cards)

Master (8)
3x Blood Doll
1x Gangrel Revel
1x Giant’s Blood
1x Protean
1x Powerbase: Montreal
1x Smiling Jack, The Anarch

Action (9)
1x Army of Rats
2x Deep Song
1x Rewilding
5x Thing

Retainer (3)
1x Dog Pack
2x Raptor

Action Modifier (3)
2x Earth Control
1x Monkey Wrench

Action Modifier/Reaction (3)
3x Form of the Bat

Reaction (11)
2x Bait and Switch
3x Deep Ecology
3x Eyes of the Wild
3x Organized Resistance

Combat (11)
1x Body Flare
3x Earth Meld
2x Flesh of Marble
2x Form of Mist
2x Pack Alpha (NEW ART)
1x Wolf Claws

New crypt cards
Name: Ragnar Nordstrom
Clan: Gangrel
Group: 6
Capacity: 8
Discipline: ANI FOR PRO cel pot
Anarch: Cards requiring Protean cost
Ragnar -1 blood. Ragnar gets +1 strength in
combat with an ally or younger vampire.

Name: Keegan
Clan: Gangrel
Group: 6
Capacity: 8
Discipline: ANI FOR PRO aus cel
Anarch: Once each turn, Keegan can unlock
after performing a successful action
requiring a Gangrel


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